Ponco: Ein neuer weltweiter Player, spezialisiert auf Geflügelfutter

Publicatiedatum: 09-04-2018


Ponco was officially founded on November 1st, 2017. As a new specialist in feed for the international poultry farming industry, Daan Somers and Ronny Mombaerts are using their extensive knowledge, years of experience, and proven products to help you to improve. Their efforts are being supported in a partnership with the Dutch animal feed company Coppens Diervoeding.

Ponco can provide their clients with a range of products including high value advice. Our product range contains young animal products, concentrates, premix, specialties and consultancy.

We would like to highlight 2 of our new innovative products.

- Re(a)dy, a prestarter feed for young broilers with an attractive red colour and optimum structure

- Opticare Ferment S, a fermented soybean meal that improves the growth performance and positively influences the immunity of the broilers

The foundation of Ponco, in partnership with Coppens Diervoeding, is the high level of knowledge together with the extensive practical experience. We currently have Ronny Mombaerts and Daan Somers in the field, who are directly supported by the nutritionists from Coppens Diervoeding; Jan Jonkers and Marc Rovers. The Coppens Diervoeding’s experts in broiler production, reproduction and feed processing make our poultry team complete.

Ronny Mombaerts: "The market for poultry meat is growing worldwide together with more attention for health and welfare. This means that the sector needs to grow and professionalize in a high tempo. Coppens Diervoeding is a prominent Dutch company that is in front of all innovations and works closely with the sector to optimize the Dutch poultry production. Ponco is their international partner and together we can bring the knowledge, years of experience and proven products into the international market."

Daan Somers: "We deliver customized feed solutions based on thorough analysis. We work in close contacts with our clients and evaluate the results by setting realistic but also ambitious goals together with the client. This way we can easily evaluate and share the results with the involved people."

Whether you need help finding a solution to problems in the poultry house or need support in the production of specific feeds: Ponco will help you to improve. Feel free to contact us, free of obligation, and discover what we can do for you.

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