Our approach
At Ponco we believe in an integral approach. This guarantees the best results.
To achieve excellent results, all aspects must be accounted for: water, feed, shelter, climate, health, and genetics.
We leave nothing to chance, so that you have good control over the final results.
We are always happy to work together with the companies that you recommend.
And, where necessary, we can provide advice for the choice of products or parties that we know from our experience, will help you get ahead.

Your returns
Your company objective is central in our approach. We use this to search for the ways that will result in the best possible returns.
In addition to advice about management, feed composition, and product choice, we also provide help training your nutritionists,
managers, and barn staff. This will bring your company to a higher level in the long term.

Continuous innovation
The poultry farming sector is changing constantly. This means that Ponco has to continue to innovate.
And this is something that we do together with our partners.


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